Premium dog food surges 45% since 2009: eat-like-your-owner strategy is working

Have seen this first-hand with many of my dog/cat-owner friends but now have statistical evidence that this is a big trend across the country.

The newest trend in the $24 billion pet-food industry is refrigerated pet food with Freshpet leading the way (check out their website, it’s really cool!).

There’s lots of innovation in pet food, here are some examples:

– weight-loss dog food (Colgate-Palmolive’s Hill’s Pet Products)

– customized special blends can be ordered thru company websites (Nestle’s Purina)

– farm-to-table (Mars Nutro Farms Harvest Petcare)

– human-style recipes e.g. lasagna (Mars’ Cesar Home Delights)

– certified organic (Merrick Pet Care – just purchased by Purina)

– food for senior dogs (Purina Bright Minds)

– Paleo diets (Freshpet’s high-end Vital Raw line

Super cute video from Freshpet above (note: it’s from Thanksgiving last year).

Link to full article by Craig Giammona for Bloomberg News, here.

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