Pro gamers to be tested for performance-enhancing drugs just like Olympians


Gamers at a Lan (Local area network) party in Berlin play Counter-Strike, one of the games chosen for the Game Evolution tournament this November at Dubai World Trade Center. Photo Credit: Caroline Pankert / AFP

Professional gamer Semphis, real name Kory Friesen, admitted that use of Adderall is rife among his colleagues. The admission led US-based Electronic Sports League to consider new testing protocols for performance-enhancing drugs. Regulations are being worked out ahead of the 2016 season in partnership with the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada).

All this, as hundreds of gamers compete in qualifying rounds ahead of the Game Evolution finals at Dubai World Trade Center in November. Teams will do battle in strategic shooter games such as Counter-Strike. Competition revenues for e-sports globally have exceeded US$613 million so far this year.

Link to full article from The National/UAE, here. Also check out Mashable for the rise of e-sports and the huge amount of prize money involved, here.

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