Puma x Jahnkoy Streetwear Launch: Whoa! THIS Is Fabulous!

I can’t imagine any other NYFW show delivering as much feel-good energy and unique style as this one. What a great experience. I haven’t hooted and hollered as much in a long time. Thank you, Cynthia Nelson, for the invite.

JAHNKOY (Maria Kazakova) is a Brooklyn-based visual artist who was born and raised in Siberia. This “craftivist,” as she calls herself, has entered into a partnership with PUMA to launch ME$$ENJAH, a premium ready-to-wear capsule collection of hand-crafted garments, accessories, jewelry and shoes embellished with beading, hand stitching, and vinyl application.

The project “ME$$ENJAH” aims to re-establish cultural wear and reintroduce traditional ways of dress in contemporary language. The artist wishes to raise public awareness on the necessity to restore artisanship and sustainability of the way that we consume and produce our clothes to inspire the World’s population to wear and cherish cultural clothing as well as to remember the importance of adornment and spiritual role of the garment in the human life.

Bravo to all involved but major shout out to Nathan Trice for his spectacular choreography!

Scroll down for pics and video from this inspiring, high-energy show!!

The show was held at the Fashion Institute of Technology with “influencers” front and center and lots of cool guests (including Knicks rookie R.J. Barrett).

Who dis??
And dis?
And dis?

Highlights – where do I even begin?

Thank you Jahnkoy, thank you Puma, thank you Cynthia Nelson, and thank you Nathan Trice (choreographer) – see him at end of this video. SPECTACULAR FINALE TO NYFW!!

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