Question Of The Day: Will My Japanese Kit Kat Bars Arrive In Time For My Bday?


“We take pride in our unique flavors which make Japan special in the Kit Kat world”


  • Wanted my order of new Sake-flavor, wasabi and matcha to arrive in time for my birthday but doubtful.
  • But I am excited to have been part of Japan’s Kit Kat Tourism. Everyone, including me, visit 7-Eleven’s to stock up on weird flavored Kit Kat bars
  • According to Grub Street, Nestlé Japan had to build a second factory (opening this August) just to keep up with the “booming demand.”
  • This brand new Kit Kat factory, located in Himeji, will be “dedicated to making upscale, pricier versions of the snack.”

Read on below for more on top selling flavors and info on their must-visit Chocolatory stores in Tokyo.


  • Popular flavors aside from chocolate, include edamame, grilled potato, purple yam, sake, and wasabi.
  • In 2010, the top-selling flavor was soy sauce.





  • For anyone headed to Tokyo, make sure you check out the true epicenter of Kit Kat technology, the brand’s flagship Chocolatory store in Tokyo.
  • The latest new product available exclusively at the Chocolatory is a “cake-style” Gateau Mignon flavor.
  • Chocolate cake has never been used before.



  • Per Rocket News,the Gateau Mignon is one of several new treats only available at the Kit Kat Chocolatory store
  • Also on offer will be the Kit Kat Chocolatory Parfait, which combines a special chocolate fondant and pieces of fresh fruit with three types of ice cream and three fruit-flavored Kit Kats



  • But what’s really got everyone’s attention is that Gateau Mignon flavor.
  • The Kit Kat Chocolatory Gateau Mignon will be sold in boxes of three for 1,458 yen (US$13) or six for 2,916 yen.
  • As an added bonus, the first 85 customers who purchased one of these boxes received a free piece of the chocolate cake used inside the new Kit Kats, which was never made available for sale on its own.



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