Retail Winners and Losers In My Household


Over 8,000 retail locations are scheduled to close this year around the country. I see evidence of it every single day as I walk around NYC.

It got me wondering how my own shopping behavior has changed over the last 5 years. Where do I now get the products that I use every day vs. where I used to buy them? Big changes driven by cost and convenience.

  • The big winners for my dollars have been, Amazon Prime, COS, Anthom, and Ludlow/Soho House.
  • The losers: Duane Reade, Anthropologie, Zappos, Staples, Best Buy.
  • I’m spending somewhat less at Whole Foods but primarily because I am cooking less. Instead, I’m spending more ordering from Seamless and eating out at Ludlow/Soho House where I both work and socialize several days a week.

See below for more details on where/why I am spending more/less now vs. 5 years ago.


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