Samsung 837 Store: MUST-SEE, leaves Apple in the dust!!

samsung 837

I have never before felt so powerfully inclined towards Samsung. Came to this store twice on Friday – once in the afternoon and again later at night. Their customer interactions are amazing – so helpful, low key about our Apple devices, no hard sell and no Apple bashing. I would recommend you come on a weekday during the day – the VR experiences were more intense (and twice as long) during my daytime visit as they were at night.

Highlights include:
1. 4D VR experience – done in collaboration with 6 Flags, I was screaming my head off and had to close my eyes for half of it – it was EXCELLENT!! Additionally, we also experienced dinosaurs in their Jurassic environment and Cirque du Soleil.
2. Art installation tunnel of your own Instagram photos – absolutely fantastic. Black Egg design studio is behind this first installation at 837’s gallery.
3. The selfie station that projects your picture onto a gigantic screen for just long enough for you to snap it.
4. Home appliances – especially the digital refrigerator.
5. The Smorgasburg cafe

Samsung describes 837 as the “physical manifestation” of the company’s brand, a digital playground and their marketing center of excellence. They are not over-stating it.

Samsung press release here.

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