Saturated Color Is Having a Moment Thanks To Instagram

Street Art by Broken Fingaz for Life Is Beautiful Photo Credit: Jo Russ


Vivid and intense color is popping up all over the place these days. Have you noticed?

  • I have to thank my friend Jo Russ for putting it on my radar when she posted this amazing pic of the street art going up for Life Is Beautiful in downtown Las Vegas (above)
  • The very next pic on my Instagram that day was by photographer Paul Watson (see in Travel below). Those two random pics shot a day, and a world apart, got me thinking about what was driving this trend to bolder and brighter colors

First and foremost, it has to do with Instagram. We’re all documenting everything we experience and the more colorful the posts, the more “likes” we get. I’ve written previously about restaurants hiring designers specifically to make themselves more instagram-worthy.

Second, the resurgence of all things 90’s in fashion and design is adding a more colorful palette to our daily lives. The 90’s may also explain all the lavender and violet we’re seeing.

See below for the top Instagram categories driving this trend.



STREET ART – almost all is colorful



NEW Rice & Gold Restaurant, 50 Bowery



On the vanguard of all things 90’s, my friends at Spark Pretty – Amanda Dolan and Megan Colby


Check out their new store at 333 East 9th Street in NYC


HOME DECOR – Elle Decor has been featuring especially colorful interiors


TRAVEL e.g. Paul Watson Photography

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