Saw Patti Smith perform last nite: what a badass!!!


First time I’ve seen her perform live. WOW!!!  This was  life-changing – made me consider how I can live life more creatively and more fully. If you get a chance to see her, do it. She’s inspiring on so many levels but here are the three things that had the biggest impact on me:

  • Her utter and total control of the stage and audience. She had 3000 plus people standing and dancing for over 2 hours. Also, do not throw anything, including flowers, onto her stage – she will throw it right back at you, with some choice commentary!
  • Her physical appearance. Huge fan of her utilitarian, no-nonsense masculine style: the black boots, jeans, vest, man’s  jacket and that amazing hair!
  • Her performance and stage presence are absolutely kickass. She has moves, her voice and guitar playing are stellar. AND THIS PUNK GODDESS IS TURNING 70 THIS YEAR!!!

One caveat:  she gets a bit too political for my liking – but overall, it doesn’t detract from her performance. Stands as one of the best nites of music ever!! And it was FREE – thank you Lincoln Center!!

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