SIGN OF THE TIMES. Using Instagram To Curate Our Weekends


Brand new way of using Instagram. Legit media using Instagram as the filter for curating their weekly city listings. First time I’ve seen this.


I’ve had a rocky relationship with Instagram but when I saw the “Coolest things to Instagram this weekend in NYC” on Guest of Guest, I was immediately intrigued and put two of their recommendations on my calendar for tomorrow (Sunday): one at the MET and one at Cooper Hewitt.

BUT – and this is an important distinction from previous Instagram guides – these recommendations are not for those cheesy made-for-instagram pop ups that were hot for a nano-second a year or so ago e.g. The Color Factory.

What Guest of a Guest is featuring are all authentically interesting places and cultural events that I am absolutely putting on my to-do list. Highly recommend you check it out if you happen to be in NYC and are looking for a few things to do over Mother’s Day Weekend.

Also, big shout out to FOMOfeed. His Instagram bio calls him NYC’s top cultural curator. I’ve been following him for a while and must say I agree with that assessment. Check him out if you want/need to keep up on the newest, coolest, most creative events around town. His focus ranges from retail to art to random cultural events. I find myself sussing out at least a third of what he posts.


Scroll down for some of the events I’ll be at this weekend as well as a few top posts from FOMOfeed and then 5 of my personal TOP ‘Grammable Moments from the last month.



“Camp Notes On Fashion” – at the MET


Curiosity Cloud at Cooper Hewitt – and note: their photo is from fomofeed!!


Carine Roitfeld Parfums Pop-Up – walked by this on Thursday. Why didn’t I go in? Will try to check it out this weekend.


FOMOfeed – follow him!!


MY PERSONAL FAVORITES FROM THE LAST MONTH – and this doesn’t even include Frieze.


James Turrell Skyspace at Crystal Bridges


Leo Villareal’s Buckyball at Crystal Bridges


Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel in Bella Vista, Arkansas, designed by E. Fay Jones and Maurice Jennings and constructed in 1988.


Showfields, NYC “the most interesting store in the world.” Hmmm, that’s a bit overblown but very cool for Instagram



Bottom Line.

The appeal of Instagram in planning your weekend “to do” list,  is that it unfailingly delivers a highly visual, generally really fun, experience.

That is a major plus for me.

And with that, I hope you all have a great (hopefully Instagrammable), Saturday!!

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