Here Are 6 Food Trends You Need To Know About

1. Burnt sage ice cream dipped in a magic chocolate shell

This newest “savory” creation from Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream is unbelievably delicious.

2. Amaro: the dominant digestif of 2017

One of the best amaros I’ve ever had – Amaro Dell’Erborista. This Italian bittersweet herbal liqueur is absolutely magnificent. On the menu at Babbo in NYC.

3. Everyone talking about Savory

Besides Nick Morgenstern’s new burnt sage ice cream and amazing herbal amaros, bakery owners are also reporting that savory items are some of their biggest sellers e.g. pretzel croissants or spicy cornbread. In some instances, even outpacing sales of sweet baked goods.

Next up in savory: snack bars made with with rosemary or bacon. Also, savory yogurts from Fage. Can’t say I’m optimistic. Savory yogurts from Blue Hill came and went in a nanosecond.

See more below on the very successful Maine Lobster campaign, artisanal butcher shops and the popularity of cauliflower!

4. Craving more lobster rolls lately?

Could be because of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative’s $2-million lobster campaign. The initiative was responsible for 1 billion earned social media impressions — and some new ways to serve lobsters. For example, fewer menus now list lobster served with butter. Instead, flavor pairings around Asian tastes are up.


5. Butcher shops set for a resurgence

Everyone is eating more veggies and plant-based meals but many of us still crave an amazing steak once in a while. I know I do. Hence, the emergence of some really fine, (pricey) butcher shops all around the country. In NYC, there are two that everyone is talking about: April Bloomfield’s White Gold Butchers on the Upper West Side and Hudson & Charles downtown. LA is home to Gwen, the butcher shop/restaurant from Curtis Stone, San Diego has Heart & Trotter (a whole animal butchery).


6. Cauliflower On Every Menu

I love cauliflower and have it at least 3 times a week at Ludlow House where it is on the lunch buffet menu – as well as on the dinner menu. So delicious. Some people say it is replacing Brussels sprouts but in my experience (from the buffet), it has edged out the kale salad!

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