Smoking Is Back – Only Now It’s Rebranded As Vaping


And it’s most often weed instead of tobacco. I’m writing about this not because I’m a fan but because it’s a brilliant example of how powerful words can be in altering our perceptions – even of something as outré as smoking.


Also easy to understand why Altria (the parent company of Philip Morris) bought a 35% stake in Juul last year, thereby getting into both vaping and weed. And why Jay Z has gotten into the pot game as “chief brand strategist” for California cannabis company Caliva.

Everyone I know seems to be getting into the cannabis biz lately. Perhaps this newest info on the weed vaporizer market will offer something new and useful to my budding entrepreneur friends.

For those of us who aren’t into either vaping or weed, it’s still good to know what’s going on around us.

Per Green/Entrepreneur:

The industry as a whole is moving towards vaping.

  • Vape sales in total increased by 69% in 2018 while CBD vape sales grew 105%

The vape pen is the popular choice for both cannabis and CBD.

  • It’s the most portable method of consumption as well as the most discrete.
  • Concealment is the leading reason for vape use (between 35-46%), followed by convenience for between 29-42% of users.

Vaping CBD provides a stronger experience.

  • The human body absorbs a higher percentage of CBD’s compounds by vaping — between 34-46% versus only 10% from edibles.

Concentratessold as vapes, are the most popular product in California (the largest American recreational market).

  • In 2018, in California, cannabis concentrates outsold flower (37% compared to 33%) for the first time in history, according to figures from BDA Analytics.

Vaping skews young.

  •  In 2018, cannabis use was at a 30-year-high among college students. As cannabis use grows across the country, many consumers are seeking accessories that deliver stronger effects.


Bottom Line.

Vaporizers are not only the future of smoking; they also appear to signal the end of the “joint” as we’ve known it.

My takeaway on this whole rebranding of smoking to vaping is that if you want to find the most brilliant marketers and wordsmiths, your search should start in the cannabis/CBD world.

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