Snapchat Is A Playground: This is the best description of Snap I’ve heard

“Snapchat is a Playground” – YES, Chris “Kubby” Kubbernus, it is!! Best description ever!!


I’ll be the first to admit things are not looking good for Snap. People are abandoning it in droves. At least 50% of the people I follow are gone.

  • However, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve started seeing influential early users e.g. Chris “Kubby” Kubbernus (photo above), tentatively checking back in.
  • Are they being paid to do this? I don’t think so, but who knows.
  • I’m also sensing there’s still a lot of love for Snapchat among its earliest and most avid users.
  • This appears to be especially true for those who abandoned Snap for Instagram Stories because they got more immediate engagement thru hashtags and ability to tag brands and celebrities.
  • BUT something is afoot, snappers are getting restless, they seem bored with Instagram and seem to genuinely be missing the Snap experience.

Here are some of the best comments I’ve heard recently on the state of Snap vs. Instagram:

“Snapchat is a playground….the voice changing thing, the filters, it’s just so much fun.”

  • This is the most brilliant description I’ve heard about Snap. It came from Chris “Kubby” Kubbernus, a leading marketing/social media guru (photo above)
  • He had been very active on Snap and abandoned it for Instagram for all the reasons cited above but he came back to check out all the new features and was clearly impressed.

“(Snapchat) is a platform for the imagination”

  • Caught this at the tailend of  an interview with Brian White of Drexel Hamilton on SquawkBox on 7/17/17.

“Snapchat is just better than instagram….”

  • Sam Sheffer commenting on quality of photos/video on snap vs. instagram.
  • Sam is an independent content creator, and close friend/collaborator of Casey Neistat
  • However, he’s more of a hired gun for brands so not sure where his true alliances lie e.g. he was pushing La Croix on every post for a while, now not at all so assume that contract ran out.
  • UPDATE FROM SAM: he did not have a contract with La Croix.
  • BUT when i heard him rave about snap a few weeks ago, it sounded genuine….

These recent comments, plus my own experience, indicate that Snap still has some advantages over Instagram, particularly when it comes to user experience.

Read on below for more on Snap vs. Instagram.

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories

  • Snapchat has FUN baked into its DNA – epitomized by its always changing filters
  • Snapchat is consistently more CREATIVE than Instragram
  • Snapchat is finally changing its algorithms so that your own stories can get huge reach again.
  • For example, I ran into some epically long lines for a Logan Paul pop-up store event this past weekend in my neighborhood. I posted it to snapchat story and garnered over 8K views – something which has not happened in a long while. See video below.
  • Everything about Instagram screams “corporate.” Look at the filters that Instagram offers, last picture below, could anything look like LESS fun?
  • Instagram gets more views but the user experience is DREADFUL. When I’m using Instagram Stories the only satisfaction I get is from the larger number of views I get. I get zero personal satisfaction.


Several of my stories got more views than they have in a long while which suggests they are changing their algorithms and making it more engaging for users


Look at how boring the instagram filters are…..


Only time will tell if Snap is done – I hope not.

  • I was clearly very wrong when I initially predicted Snap would decimate both IG and FB.
  • Goes to show that boredom – when combined with massive reach – is a powerful marketing tool that can easily crush more creative upstarts.

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