Snapchat is firing on all cylinders


Snapchat has seen its daily active users grow from 110 million in December to 150 million in May. They’re adding over 100K users each day. Brands, the media, festivals and events, celebrities – even schools, teachers and bridal parties are getting on board – nobody wants to be left behind!

Here’s the best of the best this month:

1. Deals inked with AEG and Wimbledon – Snapchat’s live coverage of music and outdoors/sporting events is stellar (the #EverestNoFilter coverage was phenomenal). In the future, they will sell advertising around Live Stories with video ads interspersed between user-generated Snaps. Demand from brands has been high with all Live Story inventory sold out for 2016. This is not necessarily making for a better UX but I recognize their need to make $$ but keeping my fingers crossed it will not become overbearing!

2. I learned that using text increases viewer retention – especially if it’s left-aligned and white copy. A story with no text has 45% viewer retention compared to up to 90% retention when there is text throughout.

3. Mark Suster (investor and partner at Upfront Ventures) does terrific snapstorms. Anyone in the business world (whether you’re an entrepreneur or a startup or working for a big traditional company), will find his snaps useful. Yesterday’s was on how to do live TV interviews. Other great topics have included presentation skills, what to consider before agreeing to participate in panel discussions, how to ask for referrals and, of course, how to raise funds.

And finally, thanks to Erika Machamer for setting up a great tutorial with Jodie Stocker and Katie Crabtree! You guys were awesome and my snapchat skills are much improved!!

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