Snapchat – what happened to you?

I have been a huge Snapchat fan but am reluctantly giving up “the ghost” and pledging my allegiance to Instagram and Instagram Stories. And I am not alone.

Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel recently admitted that since August 2016, there has been a 20%-30% decline in Snapchat Story views. Other social media trackers paint an even bleaker picture: Nick Cicero tells TechCrunch that from August to November 2016, average unique views on Snapchat stories plummeted by a whopping 40%.

My big issues with Snapchat – and I am getting increasingly irked by them – include:

  • Difficulty of building a following
  • Inability to change my name after they assign you one – e.g. I want to be The Opinionator but no, I have to stick with Irmatz
  • No bios available on people who are following me and secondly, most of them have fake snapchat-made-up names
  • Inability to hashtag posts and become part of a bigger story and build more followers

Instagram and Instagram Stories, on the other hand, are becoming more popular because:

  • They work with your existing follower base
  • Can use hashtags and @ to connect with a broader audience
  • Much easier to build a following
  • Can easily share to Facebook
  • Is VERY public

I’m not 100% ready to throw in the towel on Snapchat but as more of the people I follow drop off (e.g. YesJulz, Mark Suster),  I have less reason to be on the platform. I can’t believe what a short-lived love affair this has been for me. I had such high hopes for snapchat – and it is without a doubt still more fun to use than insta but at the end of the day, I want to grow my social media presence – and I want to do it efficiently and not in the convoluted, crazy way that snapchat would have me do it. Sorry, snapchat!!

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