Social media can make or break your career: get smart about your personal brand


EXCELLENT info from Sarah White and on how important your social media presence is for employers.  When you apply for a job, most hiring managers will first Google you to vet your background and qualifications and many employers have started to view a lack of public social presence as a red flag. Time to take control of your image and start thinking of social media as personal branding.

Here are the highlights – full article in the link.

Recruiters use of social media to find candidates has gone up 43% since last year.

35% of employers are less likely to interview job candidates if they are unable to find information about that person online.

More recruiters are turning to Twitter to find potential candidates – don’t limit yourself to LinkedIn. In a recent study, Twitter had more job listings than any other platform.

Read more below – including the top 5 things recruiters look for in your social profile as well as the type of social content that makes recruiters want to hire you.

John Jersin, former Google executive and current CEO of Connectifier, says “you should have updated and accurate information everywhere someone might look. It helps you look consistent and organized, but it also gives you an opportunity to briefly emphasize important parts of your resume.”

48% of hiring managers who screen candidates via social networks said they’ve found information that caused them not to hire a candidate — down slightly from 51% last year.

The top five things recruiters are looking for that would disqualify a candidate: 1.inappropriate photos, 2. alcohol or drug use, 3. negative posts about past employers or coworkers, 4. a lack of communication skills and 5. any discriminatory or inflammatory content regarding race, gender, religion, and other issues.

The survey also revealed the type of social content that made recruiters move forward with a candidate: background information that supported the candidate’s qualifications, signs that the candidate’s personality would be a good fit for the company, a professional image, strong communication skills, and creativity.

Proving to recruiters that you can maintain professionalism on social media is a good sign that you will carry that over into your working life.

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