Start Ups Were So Last Decade: In an Age of A.I. it’s All About Big


Interesting piece in TechCrunch about the end of startups and how today’s world favors the big. I’ve read (and written) about this before specifically related to the A.I. trend. To be a player in that field, you need massive amounts of data which is not something a few college kids working out of a garage will be able to easily access. The companies that have the most data at their fingertips are five of the biggest companies in the world, who all happen to be in tech: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Per TechCrunch: Big businesses and executives, rather than startups and entrepreneurs, will own the next decade; today’s graduates are much more likely to work for Mark Zuckerberg than follow in his footsteps.

  •  The web boom of 1997-2006 brought us Amazon, Facebook, Google, Salesforce, and Airbnb because the Internet was the new thing, and a handful of kids in dorm rooms could build a web site, raise a few million dollars, and scale to serve the whole world.
  • The smartphone boom of 2007-2016 brought us Uber, Snap, Instagram, Twitter, etc., because the same was true of smartphone apps.
  • Today’s new technologies are complicated, expensive, and favor organizations that have huge amounts of scale and capital already.

Read on below for more on tech hiring for millenials vs. Gen X vs. boomers – and why (based on my first hand experience) boomers (“olds”) are hired 60% less than millennials for tech industry jobs.

Boomers need to step up their tech attitude if they want tech jobs:

I was recently at an event where a youngish social media/tech superstar was being interviewed by a very scholarly 57 year old Ph.D. in comparative literature.

  • The interviewer is renowned in his field but his line of questioning clearly indicated that he’s viscerally opposed to social media. I would go so far as to say he considers tech/social media the end of civilization!
  • We’re all familiar with this kind of anti-tech attitude from people over 50. You’ve heard all the comments about how terrible social media is, how nobody meets person-to-person anymore, why can’t we just keep getting the NY Times delivered, why text?, don’t order online, online banking never etc., etc.
  • So my question is, why would someone in the tech industry want to hire anybody who has that kind of attitude?
  • And, of course, not all “olds” fit this mold but unfortunately, more do than not.

Here’s the link to the article on the subject from Silicon Beat. Worth a read.

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