The Latest In Street Art, Public Art: Commissions, Workshops, Documentaries

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Here’s a round-up of what’s new in the street and public art realm. Lots of commissions (hate to say it but street art may have jumped the shark with the opening of Vandal). My favorite discovery is the digital safari in Orlando by Julien Nonnon – really awesome.  Also excited to discover Gale Hart – what a badass!!

More below on commercial commissions, public art (from Long Beach to Dehli), and the documentary Grafstract: The Bronx Street Art Renaissance.


Golden 1 Center, Downtown Sacramento, CA

Gale Hart, Sacramento’s Godmother of Contemporary Art, received a $300K commission from the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission. Her installation (conceptual drawing below) will be one of four permanent public artworks to be displayed at the Golden 1 Center site.

Hart is renowned for nurturing a generation of artists and for being a skateboarding vegan! She works out of a studio/garage with enough room for her to work and to skateboard – which is pretty amazing for a 60 year old!!

The arena work is the biggest moment in her career which has spanned five decades. And she knows how lucky she is: “When you get to do whatever you want in life, it’s a whole different landscape than people who have to go to a job every day.”


A conceptual drawing shows Gale Hart’s untitled sculpture installation planned for Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento.



Julien Nonnon
Safari Urbain Orlando Tour

LOVE this!! French artist Julien Nonnon brought his digital street art from Paris to Orlando for two nights last November. He projected characters and creatures around downtown Orlando to interact with the urban landscape. Would have loved to have seen this!






DC Street Art

Over the past eight years, the MuralsDC project has created works on over 50 walls. Many more have been commissioned privately. Five influential artists were recently featured in the Washingtonian: Kelly Towles, Aniekan, Decoy, Gaia, Chelove.

dc street


POW!WOW! Long Beach Street Art Festival

POW!WOW! will make its way back to Long Beach this summer to initiate a second round of walls to be painted throughout the city by internationally-acclaimed artists. Here are some pics from last year’s festival (and crazily enough they don’t identify the artists with the photos!!).


artist ??


Love this!!


Delhi’s 4th Annual Urban Street Art Festival

Acclaimed international and national street artists are working on walls between Khanna Market and Meherchand Market to convert Lodhi Colony into India’s first Public Art District.


Padma by Chifumi from France at the Lodhi Art District in Meharchand Market. Picture courtesy: Mail Today


The Lotus by Suiko from Japan at the Lodhi Art District in Lodhi Colony. Picture courtesy: Mail Today



199 Bowery @Rivington,NYC

This place just opened. It’s supposedly embracing street art and street food. It’s a HUGE space (22,000 square feet) and there’s also a huge roster of commercial street artists who were curated by Hush to create murals and other art elements for the décor. Artists include Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Tristan Eaton, Apexer, Eelus Vhils and Will Barras.

This is one of those “cursed” spaces that nobody has yet been able to make work. Normally, I would say Vandal will be shuttered within a year BUT the team behind this project has a record of success.  Chris Santos, the  Stanton Social guys and the TAO Group have a talent for making these kinds of Miami/Vegas-y places thrive (e.g. Beauty & Essex is still going strong).


Break-dancing bunny done in a purple shade referencing the now-discontinued Krylon spray-paint color Icy Grape, which is highly sought after by graffiti artists.


Shepard Fairey


And more Shepard Fairey


Vandal Opens on the Lower East Side

Vandal Opens on the Lower East Side


Fargo Brewing Company
Fargo, ND

Jescia Hoffman Hopper, an artist-teacher, got a commission from Fargo Brewing Company after she had previously installed art in the taproom of the downtown brewery. The inspiration for the work ended up being the brewery’s industrial location near the railroads.  The owners—Jared Hardy, Aaron Hill and brothers Chris and John Anderson—support the arts and have donated to local arts organizations. The brewery also hosts arts events ranging from yoga to the Unbrewed craft fest.


Jescia Hoffman Hopper


Jescia Hoffman Hopper



This festival is in its 12th year and takes place in the Studio Theatre at Lehman College from Jan. 22 to 31. This year’s films include documentaries on topics ranging from street art to beatboxing.

One film I am interested in seeing is “GRAFSTRACT: The Bronx Street Art Renaissance,” a short documentary about J. “SinXero” Beltran’s attempt to beautify The Bronx through his TAG Public Arts Project. Dan Perez, director of “GRAFSTRACT,” said he was mainly interested in the subject as a way to explore the city’s move away from graffiti and toward other types of outdoor art. “I wanted to explore that transition a bit, because graffiti is kind of being phased out and street art is taking a hold,” he said.


“GRAFSTRACT” is one of the documentaries that will screen at this year’s Bronx International Film Festival. Photo courtesy Dan Perez



A workshop funded by a grant from the Regional Arts Development Fund at Slade Point Community Center in Queensland Australia allowed children and teens to explore and learn about graffiti, wood burning, stenciling and design – ultimately, creating their own skateboard designs. Local artists Marie Mour and Matt Izard helped out with designs.

The participants are able to enter their skateboard designs into a competition at Slade Point Skate Park. First prize is a personalized skateboard with the winner’s own design.

9-3117874-mky180116skate (10)_fct683x512_ct620x465

Tapoa Mills holding up his skateboard design for the competition.

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