Sunday Supper Club: Let’s See if This New Tradition Catches On


A few years ago, I organized a Sunday Supper Club: Summer Series held every week in the garden of the Standard Hotel East Village (pic upper left). It was my friend Nystrom’s idea – apparently it’s a southern thing. Once the summer passed, however, Sunday Suppers fizzled out.

Now I’m trying to bring them back. Sent out invites for this month’s dinners and fingers crossed there is sufficient interest.

  • Based on early feedback, I’m optimistic this can be turned into a monthly, if not weekly, event.
  • It’s a great way to update and refresh our networks- and it’s fun!
  • If it works out as intended, Sunday Supper will be THE way to kick off the week. Friends will tell friends and people will want to get on the invite list.
  • It may also inspire others to start their own Supper Clubs
  • I’ll report back and let you know how it is working out

Read on below for more details should you want to organize your own supper club dinners.

#1: Select a day/time that works for you

  • I’m going with Sunday evenings at 5pm.
  • At the moment it’s weekly but I have a feeling monthly is the way to go e.g. first or last Sunday of the month.

#2: Organize it around a pre-selected group of restaurants

  • People like brand new places or favorite spots that are comfortable and where they will be well taken care of.
  • Make sure it is a place that will appreciate your business treat you accordingly (otherwise it will become a hassle to organize)
  • MOST IMPORTANT: restaurant has to take reservations (and honor them!)
  • For this first go around in October, we are going to Rice & Gold (hot new dim sum spot) and Ludlow House

#3: Invitations

  • I always start the process with bccs to a large group of potentials to gauge interest.
  • After receiving feedback on who can make which dates, I organize the dinner groups.
  • Confirmations go out to attendees only for their specific dinner. Everyone knows who their table mates will be.
  • It’s always best to mix old and new friends with lots of shared interests

#4:  Crucial to let guests know anticipated cost of dinner

  • We always split the tab evenly among the group.
  • Lately I’ve noticed, instead of splitting by using multiple credit cards, it’s more commonplace to have one person pay but everyone immediately venmos them what is owed. Make sure you get paid by the end of the night. People are busy and it’s way too easy to forget.

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