SupChina: Excellent News Platform for the China-Curious


I came across SupChina while researching Chinese pop up retail trends recently. It’s a news platform and website founded in June 2016. Based in New York City, all of its founders and contributors have deep roots in China.

  • I immediately subscribed to their free newsletter. From what I’ve seen so far, I would describe them as the BusinessInsider of all things China-related.
  • What I am especially drawn to is their coverage of China from a younger person’s perspective (whether that’s actually true or not, I am not sure but it certainly reads that way).
  • Their focus is tech, business, culture, lifestyle – and it’s all delivered in a really fresh voice.

As they note on their website:

  • We’ll be clear, but not cold. We’ll be pointed, but not partisan. We are serious with a twist – a voice that pulls in readers new to the country while engaging those already in the know.

Whether you do business in China or not, it is such an important country and economic force that understanding the culture and understanding young people’s priorities is important to us as global citizens.

  • For my business friends, SupChina will also be hosting conferences. Their inaugural one last May was on Women in China.
  • The site also features the popular Sinica podcast, a weekly discussion of current affairs, hosted by Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn (haven’t checked it out but sounds very Charlie Rose-like).

So, once again, highly recommend you subscribe and spend 2 minutes a day getting caught up on the relevant issue of the day in China.

Their voice is unique vs. what I am used to reading about China. My usual sources are dry and academic. SupChina, on the other hand, feels authentic and conversational. And, perhaps most importantly, brings the subject matter to life in such an intriguing and compelling way that it makes you want to learn more about the culture.

Read below for more on SupChina, their mission, who’s involved, what they’re offering.

From the SupChina Press Release News For A Global Audience On All Things China

Curated top news from 150+ high-quality sources served up to Sinophiles, Chinese living abroad, experts, business people and China-curious audiences around the world

As China remakes the economic, political and cultural orders of the 21st century, understanding this complex nation is more important and challenging than ever. SupChina serves that need,” said Anla Cheng, SupChina‘s founder and CEO.

  • The New York-based media company features apps, a newsletter and a robust social media presence.
  • On all of its platforms, SupChina will provide a clear-cut, thoughtful and comprehensive way to keep up with and understand the top business, political and cultural news about the nation.
  • “China has been a huge part of the global economy for years, but now we’re seeing its influence reach more deeply into the cultural fabric of the world, prompting many questions about the intersection of the nation’s creative industries, history, hopes, politics and business activities with those of other countries,” said Amedeo Tumolillo, SupChina‘s editor-in-chief. “We’re thrilled to take on these questions with a comprehensive and nuanced resource for China watchers.”
  • SupChina is powered by a renowned team of China experts with decades of experience in journalism, politics, culture and society, including:
  • Amedeo Tumolillo joined the company from The New York Times, where he reported, produced and coordinated content out of New York and Hong Kong.
  • Kaiser Kuo, co-host and co-founder of the Sinica podcast, China’s leading current affairs show that is now powered by SupChina. Kuo, a native of upstate New York, recently wrapped up a 20-year stint in Beijing. While in China, he served as international spokesperson for Baidu, China’s leading search engine; co-founded Tang Dynasty, China’s most successful metal band; worked as editor of one of China’s first online magazines; served as China bureau chief for the technology magazine Red Herring; wrote a column for Beijing’s most popular English magazine for 10 years; and has been a widely quoted observer and commentator on technology, society, culture and politics.
  • Jeremy Goldkorn, co-host and co-founder of the Sinica podcast. He moved to China in 1995 and became managing editor of Beijing’s first independent English-language entertainment magazine. In 2003, he founded the website and research firm, Danwei, which tracked Chinese media, markets, politics and business. It was acquired in 2013 by the Financial Times. He has written for The New York TimesThe Guardian and other publications, and speaks regularly about China. He is co-editor of the China Story Yearbook and website.
  • Michael Yamashita is an award-winning photographer who has shot for National Geographic for more than 30 years. He has told the story of the legendary Ming Dynasty admiral and explorer Zheng He, explored Chinese history in the book Marco Polo: A Photographer’s Journey, and brought many other stunning photographs of the nation to audiences around the world, including the hundreds of thousands of people who follow him on Instagram (
  • Anla Cheng, the founder and CEO of SupChina, is also a senior partner of Sino-Century China Private Equity Partners, an investment firm that focuses on cross-border transactions and has offices in New York, Beijing and Shanghai.
  • The team will continue to expand through partnerships with leading organizations and individuals providing the best commentary, analysis and news about China, from social media experts to academic institutions to journalists on the ground.

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