SUPER BOWL 2017: Not a big fan of the preachy commercial trend.

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

FIRST THINGS FIRST: What an amazing game!!  A comeback for the ages and history made on so many levels.

And aside from the game, there was also that amazing halftime show. Lady Gaga gave a killer performance! It was the best halftime show I’ve seen. Original, creative, and hugely entertaining for audiences of all stripes. The woman is a genius.. And I am an even bigger fan because she didn’t go all “Meryl Streep” or threaten to blow up the stadium as Madonna might have done. She kept it classy, the opening was clearly a protest message but it was not in your face.

In terms of commercials, I cannot stand it when brands preach or pander to me with heavy-handed social commentary or political messages – especially when they have absolutely nothing to do with their brands. For example, I am NOT a fan of the Audi commercial. Audi needs to show me what they’re doing to get girls into engineering, they need to let me know how many women they have in top positions in the company. Unless they do that, they’re just whistling Dixie with this self-congratulatory commercial.

On the other hand, there were three commercials that resonated with me. Read on below for ones I found not only engaging but also made me newly consider these brands. And note, I’m speaking only of my personal favorites, I’m sure the Audi commercial will come in as one of the most popular spots of the night.

Lady Gaga for Tiffany: I am not a major jewelry person but this resonated strongly because it felt authentic. It made me consider once again adding Tiffany to my repertoire of brands.

Justin Bieber for T-Mobile: I LOVED this commercial. It was so fun, I loved this new nerdy Bieber (and appreciated the fact that he’s been out of the spotlight lately so he felt fresh to me). In all honesty, I doubt I will switch from Verizon to T-Mobile but this made me consider T-Mobile in a new light. This is one of the most spot-on commercials of the night.

Vista Print: I’ve been a loyal MOO customer for 3 years but Vista Print made me reconsider my brand loyalty. I will check out Vista Print the next time I need business cards. It looks like their product is creative, inexpensive, and easy to order online.

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