SuperReal at Cipriani: A Spectacular Creative Experience


It’s not a pop-up museum, it’s not even art, but it is the most outstanding creative pitch by an agency for the Instagram age that I’ve ever seen. Bravo Moment Factory!


SuperReal is a made-for-Instagram event created by Moment Factory (out of Canada) in collaboration with Cipriani’s event space at 25 Broadway (formerly Cunard HQs). Gorgeous space and a first-rate Instagram experience. It’s a brilliant move by Cipriani to partner with Moment Factory to show all potential event planners the scope of what they can get if they plan their next major event here. First-rate creative pitch – and we’re all paying for it at $24 a ticket, except or kids under-5 who get in for free (and they LOVED it!).

It does not, however, match the SuperReal promo hype if you are going strictly as a civilian, without your work hat on. If you go expecting anything close to what they tout below, you will be disappointed:

  • SuperReal is an unprecedented multimedia experiment that adds a layer of reality to our world. Immersed in cutting-edge art and technology, visitors will journey through multidimensional realms that blur the boundaries between real and virtual.

That said, it is absolutely worth checking out. I would go so far as to say essential viewing if you work in a creative field, whether it’s events, retail, hospitality, or entertainment.

I expected to be there for 15 minutes, but I was enthralled enough to stay for the whole show, which takes about 45 minutes. The grand hall, where most of this takes place, features five interactive environments meant to illustrate abstract concepts (photos/videos below).

I had not been familiar with Moment Factory, the studio that created this event. Highly recommend checking out their website (link here). They’re an internationally acclaimed multimedia entertainment studio – absolutely first rate. I have written before how boring all these Instagram events have become. Not SuperReal – they have taken it to the next level.

Tickets are $24, and it runs through September 2nd.


Scroll down for photos and videos from my visit this past Sunday. You’re Welcome!!



Rain and thunder – below – was spectacular!






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