Sweet Peach by Pamela Berger – great blog and recos for southern hot spots!!


Pamela Berger’s awesome blog dedicated to all things southern style and cool


Check out the new Winter 2014 Sweet Spots report

Had the opportunity to work with Pamela on a design project a while back and was super impressed by her blog and how in-the-know and well connected she is about what’s cool and trending in the South – especially local artisans and the creative community.  Pamela is based in Atlanta but her reach extends to most of the South (16 states!).  She also recently hooked me up with some really cool tips for a Nashville project.  So check out her blog – especially her new Sweet Spots Winter 2014 (the holiday edition which features 100 of Pamela’s favorite restaurants, shops and hangouts in Atlanta and Decatur).  You can access and download the Sweet Spots from her blog (link below) or directly from the sweet spots winter link below.



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