Swimply: The Airbnb-Inspired App For Private Swimming Pools


Want to upset your neighbors? Nothing does it better than having busloads of strangers descend on your house to use your pool – that you’ve rented out by the hour!


The Swimply app was created in 2017, but it didn’t take off until this year – thanks to a sizzlingly hot summer. As you can imagine, whole neighborhoods are up in arms.

Swimply first got on my radar because of the brouhaha it has created in Toms River, NJ where people are renting out to their pools to random strangers. Busloads of kids (see pic above left) are descending on the neighborhood – several times a day, every day! Lawsuits are looming.

If Swimply sounds like a college entrepreneurship project, it’s because I’m almost certain it is. It was created by a bunch of young guys, led by Asher Weinberger of Woodmere NY.

Per LinkedIn, the company has six employees (one of whom is an intern). It sounds like they know each other from school (three went to Touro College).

The more I look into this idea, the more unsavory, unsanitary, and unneighborly it becomes.

Here are just a few of the watch-outs:

  • Lifeguards? Nope.
  • Poop/pee in the pool?  Do we think the homeowner will empty the pool and refill for the next busload? I don’t think so.
  • And what about necrotizing fasciitis, otherwise known as flesh-eating bacteria. The CDC says the most common way of getting it is when the bacteria enters the body through a break in the skin like a cut, scrape, or bite. They strongly recommend that anybody with an open wound avoid bodies of water, especially swimming pools and hot tubs.

Curious to know if anyone has done this? Either as a pool-owner or renter? Let me know.

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