“Take Care of Yo’ Chicken” – Best Financial Advice Ever!

First: Major shout out to Downtown Josh Brown for putting Marshawn Lynch on my radar. Second: If you haven’t seen Marshawn’s post-game interview, watch it now (below). Third: Order the t-shirt and spread the word. I just ordered mine!

Marshawn Lynch’s financial advice.
Marshawn Lynch is one smart cookie

Hoodies and t-shirts sporting the “take care of yo’ chicken” slogan (with the C designed as a dollar sign), showed up on Lynch’s Beastmodeonline.com website this past Tuesday. I ordered mine yesterday (Jan 15). Not cheap (hoodies are $70 and t-shirts $39.95). Plus, Lynch makes you pay for shipping – but hey, lots of respect for being smart about his business.

For those of you not up on your slang (and this phrase was new to me also), chicken = money.

Scroll down for the script of his interview (especially if you’d rather read, than watch).
Per the Seattle Times:

Lynch quickly answered three questions about the game — all in three words or less — before segueing to what he really wanted to talk about.

“This is a vulnerable time for a lot of these young dudes. They don’t be taking care of their chicken right, you feel me? So if it was me, or if I had an opportunity to let these little young (teammates) know something, I’d say take care of y’all money, African, because that (stuff) don’t last forever now.
I’ve been on the other side of retirement and it’s good when you get over there and you can do what the (expletive) you want to. So I tell y’all right now while y’all in it: Take care of y’all bread, so when y’all done you can go ahead and take care of yourself. So while y’all in it right now, take care of y’all’s bodies, take care of y’all’s chicken, take care of y’all’s mental. Because, look, we ain’t lasting that long. I had a couple players that I played with that they’re no longer here no more. Take care of y’all mentals, y’all bodies, y’all chicken, so when y’all ready to walk away y’all walk away and you’ll be able to do what y’all want to do.”

Marshawn Lynch
And finally…

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