Target’s Wonderland Holiday Pop-Up: Mind-blowingly great! Do not miss this.

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Checked out this 16,000 sq ft. part-store, part-holiday playground on Saturday afternoon and had so much fun!  This is without a doubt my favorite Target pop up in a long while. I loved the fact that it was so interactive with lots of photo ops (pics emailed directly to you), it is designed specifically for kids but adults will have a ball here too! The branding is fun and consistent, the brand integrations with Disney, Etch-A-Sketch, Lego and Hasbro are terrific, and they encourage you to shop – and it’s all so easy and seamless!!

Highly recommend for anyone in marketing, retail, design – even hospitality. I would go so far as to say it’s worth a trip to NY just to to check it out – it’s that good!


Target Wonderland is free and open to the public from Dec. 9 through Dec. 22.

It is located at 70 10th Avenue (at West 15th Street) in New York City.

  • Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Pictures below of my journey thru #TargetWonderland.

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It’s clear from the start that Wonderland is aimed at families with kids


When you enter, each family or individual person gets an RFID-enhanced lanyard that has your email, birthday etc.


My ID for the whole experience


Get a milk chocolatey coated crispy rice tree treat


Crispy tree treats


Treat Maker


Baby changing area


This is what happens when you flip the giant switch

IMG_6215 (1)

All very willy-wonka-ish

IMG_6218 (1)

everything is interactive and kids love it

IMG_6220 (1)

I was overjoyed

IMG_6221 (1)

Great staff


This reminded me a bit of the Museum of Feelings….


Gigantic space


Etch a Sketch was super fun – they take a photo of you and then it turns into an etch a sketch

IMG_6284 copy

my etch a sketch – emailed to me as soon as it was done


Shoppers are given a number at checkout and told to wait at the “fireplace.” When the shopper’s number appears, purchases drop down the chimney. In the meantime parents love taking pictures of their kids at the fireplace with custom decorations


The selfie station


They place you amongst the faces – and whole families can have pics taken

IMG_6243 (1)

Prints out immediately – as well as sent to you via email

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Here’s mine

IMG_6244 (1)

Star Wars

IMG_6247 (1)

RC cars were popular with boys of ALL ages


Hulk Fists


This was super fun


More decor

IMG_6286 2

Great turn out

FullSizeRender 187

Interactive video game

FullSizeRender 185

interactive video game

IMG_6269 2

On line to make an ornament


Shoppers can customize their own ornaments by typing their messages into an ipad and that message is then etched into the decoration in less than a minute BUT that line was super long and seemed to be moving really slowly. Photo: Business Insider


The line for the Frozen tattoos and throne photo op was really long

FullSizeRender 189

Frozen throne

FullSizeRender 190

Frozen tattoos

FullSizeRender 188

Ad for Wonderland on the Gansesvoort Hotel

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