TECH TALK: Whatever happened to innovation at APPLE and FACEBOOK?


Haven’t gone on an Apple or Facebook rant in a while but I am increasingly dissatisfied with both.

First and foremost, APPLE:

  • My iPhone 7 Plus is riddled with quirks and problems that require constant reboots. And it’s a wide variety of issues – from the calendar freezing to the TouchID not working.
  • This kind of problem was the exception when I got my first iPhone, now it’s the norm. And the fact that I don’t even bother to go the Genius Bar, feeling it’s an unsolvable problem, is a sign of what’s up at Apple. I no longer consider the brand exceptional.
  • Perhaps nothing is more symbolic of the new Apple than the dongle!

Interesting piece on NPR on the same subject with former employees noting that under Tim Cook there has been a culture shift that has led the company to lose its innovation mojo. A software engineer recalled that under Jobs, every employee was encouraged to take personal responsibility for improving the products. Under Tim Cook, the message for employees is look down, shut your mouth, do your job.


And then I have to talk about Facebook – WOW what a disaster!!

  • Such a dismal experience these days – not fun, not creative, not inspiring JUST filled with crap and copycatting. And although they will probably crush Snapchat, they are doing it in such an uncreative way that it makes me like them even less – if that’s possible!

Read on below for more on my major peeves with Facebook.

Copycatting is #1

  • Stealing the snapchat concept is bad but copying them with such an inferior product is inexcusable.
  • Yes, I get more views and followers from Instagram Stories than from Snapchat but the user experience and the filters are so heavyhanded and absolutely no fun.
  • And on top of that, why does Mark Zuckerberg feel that every app/platform needs to be turned into a copy of snapchat? Instagram stories, facebook stories and now messenger day all offer a version of snapchat. Why not create something fresher, more interesting, unique?
  • I know FB is working with a Teen Team in an attempt to dial up their relevancy for that age group but PLEASE stop the redundancy.

Facebook has become a necessary evil

  • I use it to post my blog and it can be extremely effective in reaching readers
  • I use it to keep up with friends although I find instagram and snapchat more engaging. Additionally, many of my younger male friends seem to have ditched fb entirely.
  • I loathe the politicization of FB
  • I am baffled why we now have to swipe right on fb on mobile (another copycat move)
  • It looks like a huge cluttered mess filled with old news, ads, rants and a tiny amount of stuff I find relevant.

CNBC did a piece showing how poor the track record is for tech companies that copy vs. innovate. Examples include Microsoft’s failure with Bing vs. Google. Google has become a verb. Nobody Bings anything. They also cite Google’s failure with Google+ vs. Facebook.

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