Tech Trends: Social Video Is The Name Of The Game


The big news in social video is that the user base for both snap and instagram is getting older with a quarter of 35-44 year olds increasing their usage over the last 6 months.

Here are two new snap accounts to follow. Both super interesting.


  • Video stories five days a week spotlighting new apartments and houses on the market.
  • Created by Dolly Meckler, 24, and Michael Hoffman, 27, SnapListings is run by four licensed real estate brokers four days a week — with a guest broker on Fridays. The brokers take followers inside listings, recording and posting videos of interiors and exteriors.
  • Based out of New York, SnapListings has expanded to Baltimore, Washington, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Chicago.
  • People can direct-message agents straight through the account.
  • To become a broker on SnapListings you have to audition and if you’re young and charismatic enough, you might get picked!

See below for EverestNoFilter (my absolute favorite snapchat account!).


  • This is the first account I followed on snapchat. Watching these two dudes climb Everest got me hooked.
  • They are back this year, once again sponsored by Eddie Bauer.
  • Highly recommend following this snapumentary.


  • I get much of my global and local news through Snapchat.
  • I follow specific accounts e.g. The White House (altho not nearly as active under Trump as under Obama) as well as snapchat curated stories which revolve around breaking news or an event e.g. Coachella.


Digital performance of luxury brands is improving

  • Burberry still has the strongest digital presence of 32 international fashion and luxury brands, with Vuitton and Gucci close behind.
  • However, the category is lagging. Only half of the brands use Instagram and only 10 of the 32 have Snapchat accounts.

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