Ten Kitchen Trends from National Kitchen and Bath Association


Rivington Loft designed by TWINstudio architects in 2011. On-trend features include clean lines, lots of white (refrigerator and Ikea cabinets), caesarstone quartz countertop and LOTS of storage. Photo by: M. Biernat

Interesting trend report from the NKBA  (National Kitchen and Bath Association), based on a survey of kitchen designers from across the country. This report is meaningful because rather than being a survey of what people think they might want, it is based on what people actually choose for their homes.

Again, I have to do a shout-out to my architects, Kate Thatcher and Phil Ward of TWINStudio for the amazing work they did on my loft remodel. And for their prescience in giving me, back in 2011, four of this year’s top 10 trends: 1. Clean contemporary look, 2. Lots of white 3. Caesarstone quartz (island counter), and 4. Storage galore!

Read below for more details on the 10 top kitchen trends.

1. General Look & Style

The most popular look at this time is a clean contemporary feeling transitional style which incorporates simple clean lines. Shaker style also remains strong, particularly in the New England area.

2. Mixing Colors

Multiple colors in kitchens has become very popular. Homeowners use up to three cabinet colors in a kitchen, such as white perimeter cabinets with dark stained walnut island cabinets or a hutch in one color, island a second, and perimeter cabinets a third.

3. White

The designers across the country, are seeing white white white; lots of white and all its variants, as well as grey.

4. Counters

Quartz counters are in. Reasons for this are both functional and aesthetic. Quartz counters are nonporous and maintenance free. Granite can absorb liquids and food, risking potential staining and bacterial growth within the countertop.

5. Backsplashes

There’s always something new and exciting with backsplashes. Lots of glass and natural stones such as marble are trending up. Brick is making a come-back, and subway patterns in various tiles, from glass to porcelain to brick, remain strong.

6. Steam ovens

Steam ovens are becoming the newest appliance we can’t live without.

7. Storage

People love to be organized, keeping their kitchens uncluttered, perfect for the trend towards clean lines and a minimal aesthetic.

Also more pullout spice racks, plate storage, and more drawers for pots and pans. A pullout next to the cooktop can keep oils, vinegars, and other cooking staples out of sight yet close at hand. Rather than carry recyclables out to the garage, convenient recycling pullouts in a base cabinet make for a quick and easy solution to store used plastic bottles and newspapers.

8. Finishes for Plumbing Fixtures and Cabinet Hardware

Surprisingly, chrome is back; and its very strong. Oil rubbed bronze is on its way out.

9. French Door Refrigerators

Seems like this is the best invention since the bread slicer. Refrigerators used to be boxy and boring. But times have changed, with manufacturers increasingly thinking outside of the icebox to try to redefine the modern refrigerator.

10. More Than One Dishwasher

If you’ve had a big family event, or even have a big family, you can easily understand the wish for multiple dishwashers, and the trend to include more than one in a kitchen. Even in a smaller home, a big dinner party will more than fill a standard dishwasher. We are seeing more dishwasher drawer units, more secondary dishwashers located in the butler’s pantry, or the islands. There are 15” dishwashers that are a great secondary choice.

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