The app boom may be over but I can’t imagine living without these!!


Here are the ones I use at least once a day: snapchat, instagram, google maps, citibike, instagram, twitter, calculator, google, weather channel, lose it, facebook, calendar and notes. Only 6 of my favorites are in the top 15.

Popular apps that are not on my go-to list include: whatsapp, messenger, youtube, uber (unless I’m traveling), Spotify, Netflix, Pinterest, Pandora and Airbnb.

Per Recode, the mobile app boom is over:

  • The average American smartphone user downloads zero apps per month.
  • In May, the top 15 app publishers saw downloads drop an average of 20% in the U.S.

There are a few notable exceptions:

  • Snapchat (up 109% and now eclipsing facebook in downloads).
  • Uber (up 108%).
  • Also growing, but off a much smaller base, HBO Now (up 82%) and Pinterest (up 20%).

See charts below of top 15 app download rates:

US App downloads Nomura

Source: Recode

Nomura app downloads rates


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