February Millennial Roundup: 7 Factoids You Need To Know

1. They don’t use credit cards

  • 67% of millennials don’t have credit cards based on a study by Bankrate.

 2. Texting is the preferred way to communicate with them

  • They send an average of 181 texts per day. Texting a millennial is not only acceptable, it’s preferable.

3. They won’t read long emails

A study published in Public Relations Journal about the differences in communication styles between millennials and baby boomers showed that millennials are unlikely to read long emails.

4. They’re incorporating technology into their sex lives

  • 48% sext at least once a week (sexting is the modern day love letter)
  • 42% of males send naked pictures at least once per week and 50% receive naked pictures at least once per week.
  • 30% have shared sexual photos without the sender’s knowledge.
  • 53% of males send sexual pictures via snapchat versus 27% of females
  • Tinder is the most popular dating app with 23% swiping right!

For more on their sexual preferences from the annual Ansell study, link here.

Read on below for more – including a snapshot of the millennial home buyer.

5. Millennials are killing the napkin industry

  • They’re opting for paper towels at the dinner table.
  • Only 56% bought napkins in the past six months but 86% had purchased paper towels.
  • Fewer millennials are eating meals at home – also contributing to the decline of napkin purchases.

6. New parents are making their own baby food

  • Sales of premade baby food are down 30% over the past 5 years as millennial moms forgo convenience in favor of knowing exactly what they’re feeding their babies.

7. Here’s a snapshot of the typical millennial home buyer:

  • Even split between singles and marrieds.
  • Average age was 28.7 years old.
  • Men more likely to be listed as the primary borrower (64%) than women (33%).
  • The average FICO score for was 722.
  • The average loan amount for purchases was $182,498 and the average appraised value was $223,153 in October 2016.

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