The Flower Shop: Avoid Food, Head Straight To The Basement Man-Cave


  • Best thing about our visit to this brand-new hot spot in Chinatown was being seated next to Tony Hawk, skateboard legend (and one of the investors).
  • A stellar group of hospitality pros is behind this place including several guys from the Major Food Group (Carbone, Parm etc)
  • It’s been open for about a month and is attracting hordes of cool skater/hipster boys (and the girls who love them).
  • Those in the know, immediately head downstairs because that’s where the action is.
  • The downstairs has been “decorated” to simulate a Wisconsin basement rec room: lots of fake wood-paneling, pool table, gas fireplace, orange carpeting, Budweiser lamps, and an assortment of knickknacks that dial up the midwestern vibe.

  • We made the mistake of ordering food – our cute waiter from Hawaii made it all sound so delicious but I would advise you to come here to drink and maybe order some fries.
  • Should you be starving and decide you need something more filling, here are some things NOT to order: the fried chicken, the tuna poke, the beet salad. I also would bypass the cocktails and go straight for beer, booze or wine.

Photos below as well as info on who is involved in this project. It’s a star-studded group so despite the food missteps, I see this becoming the new MAX FISH. Definitely has that kind of vibe.

Per Bowery Boogie:

Principals include Will Tisch (ex-Major Food Group), Steven Tisch, Andrew Flynn (Brinkley’s), Dave Turner (ex-Major Food Group), and Dylan Hales (Randolph bars). Tony Hawk is an investor; and the Tisch father co-owns the New York Giants.

The chef is Michael Hamilton

WWD had a puff piece about the Flower Shop, too:

The restaurant is emulating the worn-in feel of a longtime watering hole. Upstairs, the space is geared more toward dinner service, while the basement takes a casual lounge approach with tongue-in-cheek detailing. “We aimed for nostalgia, and then it evolved into what it is,” says Flynn. The carpeted pre-fab space is decked with tchotchkes — a framed Backstreet Boys CD  cover; a 1986 “Crocodile Dundee” movie poster — as well as a salmon-pink fireplace and pool table situated under an old Budwesier pendant lamp.

Downstairs bar

Will Tisch??



Love this lamp

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