The hottest new thing in food? Organic Cotton Candy!

sugaire organic cotton candy

Will be checking this out in September when I am in Dallas for the Texas State Fair (more on that later!). While not available at the fair itself, Sugaire Organic Cotton Candy is available at Hotel ZaZa. I will be ordering cotton candy infused cocktails (flufftinis!!) and the scallop ceviche appetizer adorned with madras curry cotton candy sounds very fun.

Sugaire gourmet cotton candy is reportedly a big hit in Dallas with socialites serving it at their parties, at wedding receptions, and in luxury suites during Dallas Cowboys games.  But they are venturing further afield: Facebook brought them in to do a pop-up at their Menlo Park Campus just before Valentine’s Day.

Yasmeen Tadia, is the CEO and founder of Make Your Life Sweeter, which currently consists of four brands. Besides Sugaire, there is FluffPop, a mini cotton candy treat with flavors from guava to sriracha; HotPoppin, a gourmet popcorn line; and ModChocolate, an artisanal chocolate brand.

And I will be doing a post soon about our upcoming trip to the Texas State Fair. We’ll be there on opening day (September 30) thru October 2nd.

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