The Lustre Life Podcast Series: Let’s Make It A Huge Success!

Karen and Erica, Founders of Lustre Life

Today’s post is specifically geared to my women readers – of all ages. Shameless plug for my friends Karen and Erica’s new podcast. They just launched it this week. In the first episode, they interview each other. It’s really cool. A must-listen. Link to podcast here.

Lustre had been on my radar for a while. We were following each other on LinkedIn and frequently commented on each other’s posts. I wrote about them in June (link here) which led to our finally getting together for lunch. And I became an even bigger fan.

Karen and Erica have very different backgrounds from mine (corporate vs. entrepreneurial) but we’re on the same journey.

They’re both former lawyers (partnering at major firms – they talk about that experience on the podcast, and it is fascinating!!). They’re smart, funny and I’m so excited to know them and support them as they pioneer new ways forward.

Here’s more info on the podcast that I received from Karen:

Exciting news! Today, Erica and I are launching our new podcast series, The Lustre Life.   And—we need your help!
Our podcast is about women whose stories have never been told before. They had fabulous careers and have their own ideas about what comes next–they will be talking about looking forward and looking back. These women are fun, and funny. They are members of a generation that changed the world, one pushy broad at a time. We are attaching our trailer to give you a small taste of what’s to come. 
Please help us make The Lustre Life a success. Listen to new episodes on Tuesday mornings on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe. Give us a great rating. Share with your friends.
Do you know a woman with a story to tell–maybe you? Let us know!
Thank you so much for your continued support. It means everything to us. 

Congrats, ladies! Can’t wait for our next get-together to celebrate your success!

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