“The Market Line” at Essex Crossing Just Opened! Check It Out!

Phase 1 of what will be a huge 150,000-square-foot underground, multi-level food hall opened this Friday. There were a few start-up hiccups while I was there but it’s going to be absolutely awesome.

The food vendors I saw were fantastic. I can’t wait to go back and do some noshing.

Standouts for me personally included:

However, I expect The Grand Delancey to be the biggest attraction. It’s an upscale beer hall with over 50 beers on tap PLUS they invite you to order in from any of the food hall vendors. Judging by what I saw on opening day, the Slice Joint (serving you guessed it, pizza by the slice), Schaller & Weber and Ends Meat (from Sunset Park Brooklyn) will be the big winners among the beer crowd.

Bottom Line.

I’m definitely coming back here soon. I especially want to have oysters at Essex Pearl and some wine at People’s Wine.

When people ask why retail is collapsing, I say visit a food hall. Noshing has replaced shopping and food halls have replaced malls.

But I’m also starting to worry that we might be getting close to a tipping point. I mean how many food halls can NYC accommodate before they start cannibalizing each other?

I hope I’m wrong because nothing is better than a good food hall – and this one is a mere ten-minute walk from my house.

Scroll down for a walk-thru from opening day.
People’s Wine: Still setting up, but this place is going to be awesome. From the chefs/owners of Contra and Wildair
Ample Hills was sampling ice cream
The Grand Delancey Beer Hall with seating for 200
Schaller & Weber: Overheard them saying the internet was down, couldn’t sell anything
Kuro-Obi looked like it was going to be major – and has a great location
Nom Wah Dumplings – this will be huge also
Rustic Table: These guys were great. Didn’t have their sign up yet but the food they let me sample was delicious – a Mediterranean/Israeli menu
Que Chevere: Puerto Rican Cuisine
Some vendors were not close to being open yet
Is Jose Andres involved????
doughnut Plant
Moon Man: This place looks awesome!
Essex Pearl: I will be here often! Staff training yesterday. Expecting to be fully operational by next week.
Veselka is here
Taqueria Nixtamal: This looks like a great Mexican spot but in such a bad location. If you’re into authentic Mexican tortillerias, check him out!
Ends Meat: This looks like an amazing butcher
Cake Pops – and they have Ube-flavored ones
Southeast asia food group??
Cafe Gumpy – very chic
thank you Essex Market – i will be back!!

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