NY Botanical Garden: Frida Kahlo Art, Garden, Life

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So difficult to rate this. The garden itself is absolutely 5 stars but the Frida exhibit left me wanting MUCH more. Show is up thru November 1st.

What I do love about the Frida show are the specialty food venues e.g. La Cantina, an outdoors pop-up serving delicious veggie wraps and Jarritos soda. The Casa Azul taco truck is also cool but they totally dropped the ball when it comes to ice cream. Why sell Nestle when you could make a killing with paletas?  (La Newyorkina paletas at the High Line are amazing – just saying!!)

See more pictures below.

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La Cantina for really tasty veggie wraps!!

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And Jarritos

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They’ve done a great job of recreating parts of Casa Azul for anyone who has ever had the opportunity to visit the original in Mexico City, this will leave them sorely disappointed

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Great colors and succulents

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More plantings

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More plants

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Loved these azul planters in the water

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Taco truck

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Painting show – but underwhelming if you have seen any other Frida Kahlo shows – and no pics inside which I hate!!

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Haupt Conservatory

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Haupt conservatory

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