The new Zagat app is Gorgeous: quality of the reviews, not good


Google just launched their new Zagat app (above) for the iPhone. It is easy to navigate and I love the clean design and the functionality e.g. being able to make reservations directly from the app thru Open Table and Reserve. And thankfully, they’ve streamlined the rating system from 30 points to 5.

That said, from a quick browse around the site, I much prefer the quality of the reviews on Foursquare.

For example, on Zagat, I learn that Uncle Boon’s (my favorite Thai restaurant) is “different from the norm” and is in a ”knick-knack filled basement space.”

Foursquare, meanwhile, tells me it is ranked #1 for Thai restaurants in NY and recommends I get the Golden Curry, the banana blossom salad, the blowfish tails and the beer slushie (all amazing!!).

In my opinion, Foursquare has the best restaurant reviews because the people who use the site go out a lot and their frame of reference is excellent. They will never compare a fine dining restaurant to their experience at fast casual.  Zagat’s reviewers, on the other hand, seem more like yelpers.

However, foursquare has gotten old and buggy. I’m hoping they dial up their game in the face of this competition.

BOTTOM LINE: Love the design, ease of use and functionality of Zagat. For actual reviews, Foursquare is a winner by a landslide.

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