The Perfect Weekend in Atlanta: Curated By Rodrigo Padilla


Fabulous weekend in Atlanta last week as guest of my friends, Rodrigo and Elliott. Not only was the agenda 100% on-point, I also had my own stunning suite at their gorgeous home (pics below).

So here – per the Opinionator – are the six must-dos for a great weekend in the ATL. And note, much of what I love most about Atlanta is in the Old Fourth Ward (O4W) – so be sure to check it out.

Ponce City Market

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place. And whereas malls all around the country are dying, this place was jammed – of course it’s 80% food hall.
  • The people behind it also developed Chelsea Market in NYC. They are clearly expert at doing adaptive reuse projects in historic buildings (this one a Sears, Roebuck from the 1920s).
  • This is also where we rented bikes for our 3 hour tour of the Beltline and Piedmont Park which are adjacent to the market.

Read on below for more.

Westside Provisions District (1198 Howell Mill Road)



  • I had not been in this area for 10 years – ever since JCT Kitchen opened. At that time, this area was desolate. A lot has happened since then. Love the vibe here.
  • It’s upscale but not fancy or stuffy.
  • Favorite things to check out include: Ann and Sid Mashburn, Warby Parker, JCT Kitchen & Bar, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, West Egg Café, Brick + Mortar (love this store), Le Jardin Francais
  • You’ll also find all the usual suspects: Lululemon, DWR, Anthropologie, Room & Board etc.


Bike the Beltline and Piedmont Park



  • Highly recommend renting bikes at the Ponce City Market ($12 an hour) and head off to the left on the Beltline until you hit Piedmont Park. Riding through the park is gorgeous, there are parts that look like Central Park overlooking Midtown Manhattan and then you ride through some incredibly dense forested parts. All told, this is a 30 mile ride.
  • All along the Beltline, you will see murals and street art (including a wall by HENSE, the artist who did Blind Whino in DC that I wrote about a few weeks ago). #TinyDoorsATL is also a fun installation all around the Beltline – see if you can find them all.
  • Highly recommend you do the entire Beltline (i.e. left and right from Ponce City Market).


The Goat Farm Arts Center



  • Wrote about this in detail on Saturday (here).
  • But bears repeating because this was such a major highlight of my visit. The only refinement would be to get an organized tour (which I believe may be possible if you know the right people – and we got to meet several of them over the weekend). I would also recommend you follow The Goat Farm on instagram (here) – it will give you a heads up on upcoming events, artist open studios, performances etc.


The High Museum (1280 Peachtree Street, N.E.)



  • Check out their contemporary collection – stellar pieces by top artists including Kiefer, Pfaff, Richter and more.
  • Also great show by Daniel Arsham up til May 21st.


The Optimist (914 Howell Mill Road)



  • So many great restaurants in Atlanta, but this is my favorite. Seafood-oriented with amazing ceviche, kale salad, oysters, cocktails and ice cream.
  • It’s located in an old ham-aging house and has a really cool outdoors space to hang out and play mini golf.
  • Other restaurant recommendations include Staplehouse and Gunshow.


Rodrigo and Elliott’s Gorgeous House and My Guest Accommodations !!


My guest suite

Kitchen and Great Room


Master Bathroom

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