The rise of street art in the home


I LOVE street art.  Have been a collector since the 90’s when I bought a huge COST REVS which was always a centerpiece at my office.  Aaron Rose and his Alleged Gallery (originally on Ludlow Street next to Max Fish), introduced me to many of the Beautiful Losers artists.  I was so obsessed, I flew out to California to see that show open at OCMA in 2005. One of the VERY BEST shows I have ever seen. I was convinced then, as I still am, that Beautiful Losers was kicking off one of the most important art movements of our time.

Aaron Rose steered me well with my collecting: Margaret Kilgallen, Mark Gonzales, Thomas Campbell, Chris Johanson, and Shepard Fairey. The only artist I still kick myself for not buying is Barry McGee. Aaron kept telling me to buy the work and I resisted because I thought $200 for one of the bottle pieces was too much – what an idiot I was!!!  Another favorite artist, not from the Beautiful Losers group but closely aligned, is Ryan Humphrey.

And, of course, it makes sense that my most-liked Instagram pics are all street art. Living in downtown NYC, on Rivington Street just off the Bowery, I’m exposed to many new artists working the walls in the neighborhood. The building I live in has become a focal point for artists passing through town -people are always taking pictures of the front of our building (see below). We’re also close to the Houston Bowery Wall, curated by Goldman Properties, which features some of the biggest artists on the scene. And, we’re across the street from The Rivington Wall (maintained by Parasol Projects) which is becoming a mini Bowery Wall.

So bottom line: if aesthetically, street art appeals to you, and if you get a chance to snag work by any up-and-coming artists – get on it!!

More pics below of street art from my collection:

IMG_1173_0025 coop

Our building


COST REVS at our Bushwick office

IMG_1580 3



Mark Gonzales


Mark Gonzales skateboard


Chris Johanson


Chris Johanson


Margaret Kilgallen


Margaret Kilgallen


Basquiat poster from his last show, signed to me

IMG_6434 (1)

LOVE this Thomas Campbell – with Ivory Serra on skateboard!!

IMG_6432 (1)

Ryan Humphrey skateboard piece


Dull and Gun by Ryan Humphrey


All my loves!!!


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