The Tech Elites Love Their “Fun” Cars and Track Days


Photo via Aston Martin Racing

Talking with a friend in Silicon Valley recently about why tech millionaires are not using their wealth to become art collectors as previous generations of biz moguls have done. Without missing a beat, she said: “oh the tech bros spend their money on million dollar cars – that they only drive at a race track.” She went on to say that they don’t even drive to the track, they have their cars shipped to and fro.

Going to the racetrack with clients has replaced golfing or having a skybox at pro sports arenas. It’s where biz deals and relationships are forged. The cars they are most likely to own are Porsches, BMWs, Ferraris, Maseratis and Aston Martins, although older model Mazda Miatas are one of the most popular to race.

Also fascinating to ponder how as car culture and interest in driving are declining, the tech elites are being reconnected to cars through the tech, math and physics of racing – and, of course, cars are so much more like computers now!

For more on this story, check out this article from the NY Times.

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