The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics You Need to Know


Here’s a recap of 15 marketing statistics that every marketer should know and live by in 2016. (For the full list of 50, courtesy of, link here.)

Content Marketing

  • In 2016, 67% more leads will be generated by companies with an active blog. (source)
  • The most popular social media platform among B2C businesses is Facebook (94%). Other popular platforms are Twitter (82%), YouTube (77%) and LinkedIn (76%). (source)
  • Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts. (source)

Email Marketing

  • Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. (source)
  • Transactional e-mails produce an average open rate of 72% and a click-through rate of 30%—well above the averages for non-transactional emails, which have an average open rate of 40.8% and an average click-through rate of 9%. (source)
  • Deliverability is a big issue: 17% of all emails never see the inside of a recipient’s inbox. This is due to defunct emails and SPAM traps. (source)

Digital Marketing

  • Total spending on Internet advertising is predicted to grow 12.9% next year. The Internet will become the largest medium for advertising in 2016 (ahead of TV). (source)
  • 64% of businesses who use video believe that it has directly led to increased sales. (source)
  • Gartner’s 2015-2016 CMO report shows that 98% of marketers believe that digital and offline marketing are merging and marketing strategies will need to reflect this. (source)

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media now plays almost as large a role in purchasing decisions as does TV, and 57% of consumers say they’re influenced to think more highly of business after seeing positive comments or praise online. (source)
  • 90% of young adults—ages 18 to 29—use social media (compared to just 35% of those over age 65). Fully a third of millennials say social media is one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses. (source)
  • 58% of marketers say original written content is their most important form of social content. 19% say the same about original visual content (e.g., infographics). 10% say curation of others’ content (like this post) is most important. (source)

Mobile Marketing

  • By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending. (source)
  • Mobile email opens have grown by 180% in the last three years. (source)
  • 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. (source)

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