The World’s Largest Skateboard Restaurant: Looks Amazing, So Sad I Missed This!!

grub fest

Excited to report on GRUB FEST. Was not there (unfortunately) but this Delhi food festival, now in its 3rd year, is the biggest and the most vibrant food festival in India.  Besides being a big fan of Indian food, one other thing that really piqued my interest: the world’s largest skateboard restaurant from Hauz Khaz by Imperfecto. There are 2 videos on this facebook link but nothing on youtube. Def recommend watching if you’re looking for a new event or promotional angle. Also, Indian food and spices are trending in a major way in the USA, so this event is worth looking into for 2017.

Other highlights:

Music/entertainment: especially Punjabi hit sensation, Sukhe Muzical Doctorz, and EDM sensation Zaeden

Grub Mile, the food truck festival within the festival (9 food trucks)

RSVP, India’s first three day pop up nightclub

Weber Grub Theatre, where top chefs and mixologists from around the world showcased their talent and revealed some of their secret ingredients.  This was sponsored by Weber-Stephen Products LLC, headquartered in Palatine, Ill.

Scotch and Irish whisky tastings at the Ballantine’s Appreciation Session and the Jameson Block Party.

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