These RVs Are Just So Damn Cute


Last year, Clint Peralta, one of my best sources when it comes to trends, told me I MUST visit Happier Camper in LA’s Frogtown (pic upper left).

He was right. Here’s the post (#3 in this link).

Now, however, he’s shown himself to be even more prescient. Bloomberg recently ran a piece on the twee RV movement and Happier Camper is featured prominently right along with Winnebago and Airstream.

Key takeaways:

  • The RV industry just had its best year in four decades, thanks to the popularity of trimmed-down rigs, like Winnebago’s Winnie, the kitschy Basecamp from Airstream, and LA’s own retro-inspired Happier Camper.
  • Winnebago recently bought Grand Design RV, which makes a line of towable rigs, more efficient, affordable and culturally relevant than gigantic, gas-guzzling RVs.
  • Grand Design complements a growing line of minimalist products at Winnebago, including the adorable Winnie Drop (pic above, lower right).
  • Winnebago sales surged 64% with almost half coming from towable rigs
  • The pint-size RV trend coincides with the tiny-house movement and #vanlife.

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