Chess is evolving: check out how tech is changing the game!


Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen — the number one rated player in the world. Credit: Frans Peeters/Flickr/cc

Computers have revolutionized chess and irrevocably changed the game e.g. during competitions, commentators defer to computers to learn which next move is a player’s best. Computers are also changing how players prepare for tournaments – they can tap into databases containing millions of games and discover “novelties,” i.e. amazing new moves that have eluded every previous grandmaster. And that is why, tech-savvy players are becoming grandmasters at a much younger age – e.g. Magnus Carlsen (above) rocked the chess world with a historic win when he was just 22.

Styles of chess play are forever evolving: from the Romantic Era to Russian Dynamism, which first introduced the world to professional chess players. Other chess styles followed including the end-game-grinding concrete approach.

According to Grandmaster Garry Kasparov, “the elite chess players of today are of no school” although chess wunderkind Magnus Carlsen is closest to ushering in a new era  – and his approach most closely resembles computer play.

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