TOP 10 Blog Posts of 2016: Here Are The Most Popular, Most Read and Most Shared Posts


Checked on which stories my readers liked the most. Turns out favorites run the gamut from hot dining spots to paint color trends to tips on how to give a kick-ass dinner party.

What was really interesting was seeing the impact of SEO (even when done incidentally). The Herschel Backpack story (see below) that I posted almost 2 years ago is not only STILL my top post (10 times more readers than any other post) but it is the top result when you search Herschel authentic!! Now if only I could get Google to pick up a few more of my topics!

Read on below for top posts #1-10, ranked in descending order. You might have missed some – links included in the titles. And big thanks for all of your support, emails, shares and comments over the last two years.

1. Herschel Backpacks (March 10, 2015)


2. Three Hottest Dining Spots (Feb 16, 2016)

This is such an embarrassment since Vandal and La Sirena turned out to be such disappointments (altho both are top destinations for Uber customers). Wisefish Poke, however, is still amazing and I’m happy that I was on the Poke trend early.


3. Man buns vs. pigtails (Oct 14, 2015)

This is another one of those posts with a second life because it tracks high when googling man buns.


4. How To Become A Frugal Millionaire: 5 Tips Courtesy of My Mom and Dad (Dec 28, 2016)

This was one of my most popular posts. Lots of feedback and a top share. My parents would be tickled pink to see their influence living on.


5. Five Tips on How to Host a Kickass Dinner Party (Jan 8, 2016)

My hosting tips have gone viral many times but this post resonated especially strongly and has generated lots of comments and feedback from people who have adopted the tips or have even better recommendations.


6. Top Paint trends for 2016 (Jun 27, 2015)

Another one that has gone viral and just lives on and on.


7. Three Trends I’m Most Excited About For 2017 (Sept 22, 2016)

This is one of my favorite posts and covers trends that are applicable to almost every business.


8. Everything You Need to Know About The Art Scene In Vegas (Oct 1, 2016)

Totally blown away by what’s happening with contemporary and street art in Vegas. It all started with the Life Is Beautiful Festival and it has just exploded. This past year was AMAZING with Ugo Rondinone‘s Seven Magic Mountains installation in the desert. A must-see if you get to Vegas or even worth a drive from LA.


9. Luxury Redefined (Oct 10, 2016)

A recap of luxury and affluent trends based on surveys from Unity Marketing and



10. 070 Shake/ Amazing Voice and Stage Presence (Oct 13, 2016)

I discovered this performer thru YesJulz. One of my two top musical finds of the year (the other being, Anderson.Paak)

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