Top 25 firms where Millennials want to work: STEM, Healthcare and Entertainment


Google is #1, followed by Walt Disney, St. Jude’s, Apple and the FBI.

Read more below from this new survey by the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). The poll of 18,000 millennials found that 49% want to work in science/technology/engineering. Another 40% want to work in the medicine/healthcare field and 21% want to work in arts/entertainment/media.

Compared to previous years, all the tech companies in the top 25 have retained or advanced in the rankings e.g. Amazon moved from #22 in 2014 to #11 in 2015.

Hershey’s, Intel, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Atlantic Health Services are new rising companies in the top 25.

Oddly, the only fashion brand in the top 25, is Abercrombie (#15, up from #23 last year).  The chances of A&F providing a great career path are not great!

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