Top 5 Must-See Gallery Shows – Upper East Side (NYC)


Urs Fischer Installation. Photo by Rob McKeever

The most amazing show is Urs Fischer on 4th floor at Gagosian Madison Avenue. It is phenomenal!!  But there are also 4 more outstanding shows uptown including Blair Thurman, Maurizio Cattelan (the creepiest show ever!), Duane Hanson and new El Anatsui works at Mnuchin.

1. URS FISCHER @ GAGOSIAN – 980 Madison Avenue (til Dec 20)

As I mentioned, beyond amazing. Two fabulous rooms that give you an immersive art experience.


Photo by Rob McKeever


Photo by Rob McKeever


2. MAURIZIO CATTELAN @ VENUS OVER MANHATTAN – 980 Madison Avenue – 3rd Floor (til Jan 10)

A totally creepy show inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s “Door, 11 rue Larrey”. The gallery is split into seven rooms with dark-painted walls creating mysterious chambers, each containing a single piece. The works are visible through portholes, windows and keyholes set within different wooden doors, heightening the sense of drama already palpable in the works.

This is also Cattelan’s first exhibition since his Guggenheim show in 2011 after which he apparently “retired”. This show was curated by Adam Lindemann.


Totally creepy and so AMAZING!!!


One of the seven doors and  taxidermy pigeons


What you see thru the window of one of the doors




3. BLAIR THURMAN @ GAGOSIAN – 980 Madison Avenue (til Dec 20)

Really cool, feels very fresh and young (although the artist is in his 50’s I believe). I especially love the tribal piece at the gallery entrance but all the work is fantastic – high energy, colorful, it definitely has a neon-y Vegas, road-trip vibe.


Blaire Thurman


Blaire Thurman


Blaire Thurman


4. DUANE HANSON @ PARK & 75 – 821 Park Avenue (til 12/3)

Duane Hanson’s Security Guard is the sole piece in this Gagosian outpost (which i LOVE!!).  The real security guards at the show have a lot of fun with this installation!


Security Guard hyper-realistic sculpture


security guard

Love this gallery space - so cool that Gagosian kept this gallery like this

Love this gallery space – so cool that Gagosian kept this gallery like this


5. EL ANATSUI @ MNUCHIN GALLERY  – 45 East 78th Street (TIL 12/13)

El Anatsui’s new works are more minimal and toned down than his previous work. The Metas series is inspired by the architectural space of the Mnuchin Gallery’s historic townhouse. It is El Anatsui’s first show in NYC since his incredible show at the Brooklyn Museum in 2013.  It is also his first show on the Upper East Side and was organized through Jack Shainman, his longtime Chelsea gallery.


El Anatsui work looks great in the space


El Anatsui Metas


El Anatsui


Love his more muted colors in this series

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