Latest health/wellness trends: 21-Day Fix up 190%

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Pinterest released a list of healthy topics that recently spiked on the site. Christine Schirmer, Pinterest’s head of consumer communications, told Mashable, “For the first time we’re seeing pinners ditching the crash diet and focusing on a balanced and holistic approach to wellness.”

In fact, crash diet pins have decreased by 70% and paleo diet pins have decreased by 32%. Pardon me for my cynicism, but isn’t the trendy new 21 Day Fix every bit as faddish as those crash diets.

Check out the top 10 trends below.  #1-3 are the ones I’m hearing about most often.

1. 21 Day Fix

Pins about the 21 Day Fix have increased by 190%. It was also one of Google’s top search terms in 2015. The program, created by celebrity fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese, uses a system of color-coded containers that make it easier to measure food portions.

2. Meditation space

Pins about creating your own meditation space have jumped 49%. Closely aligned to yoga.

3. Going minimal

Marie Kondo‘s bestselling book on tidying up inspired millions to rethink their stuff and the less-is-more trend is still hot. Pins that celebrated a minimalist lifestyle increased by 19%, while those about decluttering rose by 35%.

4. Detox teas

The “detox teas” trend will continue in 2016, pins about homemade detox teas spiking by 60%.

5. Holistic

Pins that contain the word “holistic” have increased by 55% – from essential oils to natural cold remedies.

6. Hourglass workout

Pins for workouts to tone your waist while strengthening your glutes—are up by 83%.

7. Bullet journals

Pins for “bullet journals” increased by 67%.

8. Cloud bread

A grain-free, low-carb bread alternative, “cloud bread” is made with eggs, softened cream cheese, cream of tartar, and sometimes a little honey for sweetness.

9. Dry brushing

Involves rubbing dry skin with a body brush before showering. Pins about it have increased 41%.

10. Jiu jitsu

Pins about this Brazilian sport increased by 39%. Pinners seem to be drawn to both the workout’s calorie-burning benefits and empowering self-defense moves.



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