Top Lipstick Trends from Around The Globe


July 29th was National Lipstick Day. And  I totally missed it – which is really weird since lipstick is my thing!! It’s the only cosmetic product I use.

In celebration of National Lipstick Day, YouCam Makeup, a leader in virtual lipstick try-ons released their  global lipstick study based on findings from their 280 million users, 23.5 million of which use the app daily.

Here are the top trends based on users from around the globe:

The two-toned lip is the fastest growing trend globally – UP 74%

  • While ombré lips became popular last year, two-toned lips (different colors on top and bottom lips) are now the fastest growing trend.
  • Two-tone lips were first noted on the New York Fashion Week runway in Jason Wu’s Fall 2017 collection, and now beauty brands such as Estée Lauder and Laneige have released two-toned lipsticks

Read on below for 3 additional trends.

Millennial pink is the preferred lip color globally

  • 20% of lipstick try ons in the US/UK are Millennial pink shades
  • 15% of lip color try-ons in China and Japan are Millennial pinks


China has the most diverse color try-ons

  • China has the most diverse color trials: purples, oranges and lighter sheer shades take the top spots
  • Korean users prefer bold darker pinks, purples, and reds, playing off many of the K-Beauty trends that continue to surface.
  • In the US/UK, 50% of the top colors are pink (significantly higher than in other countries)


Matte finishes are preferred in the West while sheer reigns in Asia

  • 40% of try-ons are matte in the US/UK
  • In East Asia, sheer textures are preferred
  • China favors sheer (40%) and satin (28%) finishes
  • 50% of users in Japan favor sheer lip finishes
  • K-Beauty fans in Korea favor matte (35%) and sheer (33%) as their top choices


YouCam Makeup is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play

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