TRAVEL TRENDS: The More Exotic, The Better

Paid the final installment for my next Nat Geo Around The World Trip (Northern Route). Especially excited about Mongolia and the Nordic countries. And can’t wait to see Mongolian kids riding their reindeers – see video below. NatGeo, you MUST make this happen!!

But with my June trip paid up and ready to go, I need to start thinking about where to next. And thanks to Bloomberg, I discovered two intriguing destinations – one is totally do-able, one requires a little more boldness on my part. Read on below the video.

FINLAND: the next Iceland

Finnish Lapland is considered “the next Iceland” and I would love to check out the ultra-mod Arctic Treehouse Hotel and the glass-domed Northern Lights Village. Abercrombie & Kent is launching a private jet expedition to the area that includes an Arctic treasure hunt and ice track racing with champion drivers.

Bloomberg’s top pick for what to do if visiting in 2017: a series of midsummer choral concerts in hidden crannies of the country’s national parks, set to simultaneously unfold on Aug. 26 (to celebrate the country’s 100th anniversary). I will not make it this year but seriously considering for 2018.


Not sure if I am an intrepid enough traveler for Iran but with a trusted company like Nat Geo, I would definitely consider it. Am especially intrigued by the ancient sites that still exist (many similar ones, in Afghanistan and Syria, have been destroyed). I’m curious also to see how they would stack up against Petra which I visited in 2015 and LOVED – probably a highlight of that Around The World trip.

Bloomberg has compiled 20 destinations to visit in 2017 – all with best times to visit along with recommendations on hotels and must-see sites. Link here.

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