Trump Bumps? An Election Night That Will Go Down In History?


All over Manhattan – even at my co-working space – all I see are pregnant women. And I know this is not supposed to be happening:

  • New York’s birth rate is supposedly declining according to 2016 census
  • HOWEVER – based on all the baby bumps I am seeing, lots of babies were created last November
  • Could this have something to do with Donald Trump’s election?
  • And if so, how did couples decide this was the “right time” to get pregnant?
  • Were couples drowning their election sorrows and creating accidental pregnancies?
  • Or are these “disaster” babies like we saw after Hurricane Sandy?

In researching the topic, I found the documented events that caused spectacular baby booms in the past including Wars (WWII), sporting events and natural disasters. Read on below.

  • FC Barcelona’s win at the 2009 UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals: In May 2009, FC Barcelona won on a last-minute goal from Andres Iniesta. Nine months later, the birth rate in Barcelona jumped 16% higher than usual for February. These babies are nicknamed “The Iniesta Generation.”
  • Hurricane Sandy: Baby booms are frequently reported after natural disasters, and most of the evidence for the post-Sandy spike is anecdotal. However, hospitals experienced 20%-34% increases in deliveries nine months after the storm hit the New York metro area in late October 2012.
  • US Government Shutdown: Like the post-Sandy spike, the evidence here is anecdotal, and it’s not like being furloughed prevents you from doing anything else but “being” with your significant other. Even so, Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., saw an additional three births per day in July, and Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington delivered 99 more babies in April, May and June 2014 than it did during the same time in 2013.

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